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In order to honor the rod warranty, we need you to submit 3 photos:

1. Photo of the rod with the handle included in photo. SEE SAMPLE

2. Photo of all of the clear writing on the back of the rod. SEE SAMPLE

3. Photo of the rod Powell logo cut in half. SEE SAMPLE


Accepted file formats are JPG, BMP, PDF and maximum file size is 3MB per file.

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Warranty How-To Video

if you believe your rod is defective please print the warranty claim form, fill it out completely and ship your entire rod back to us. You will pay for shipping to Powell Rods Warehouse, once we inspect the rod we will contact you to inform you of our decision.

In order to have a product serviced, please see our Warranty Claim Section.

For any warranty questions, please contact us directly at:
Phone: 415-382-9745
E-mail: warranty@powellco.com