Warranty FAQ

Warranty Process and Procedure 2015-2016

Please allow 7-10 business days from the date we receive your warranty, to process and ship out your replacement.

NOTE: Dealers and Retail customers need to go through the same procedure in order to process a warranty. Dealers are not exempt from shipping costs.


How do I process my warranty?

Please refer to the warranty section at www.Powellco.com. For further details see our FAQ sheet. Make sure all warranties include paperwork. We do not process warranties without parts and payment first.


How much does the warranty cost?

Max 3D’s = $60 plus $25 shipping; Inferno = $40 plus $25 shipping; Fly Rods = $60 +$25 shipping; Diesel’s have NO WARRANTY.


Do I need to send in the entire rod?

If you are only processing a warranty, please cut out the 8 inch section above the hook keeper with our Powell logo and rod information. Send that in with your warranty paperwork filled out completely. If you are claiming a rod defect, we need the entire rod to be sent back in for examination, along with a detailed explanation of what happened when it broke, on the warranty form provided on the website.


I have a tournament this weekend; can you send me the new rod while my broken piece is in shipping on its way to you?

Unfortunately we do not replace warranty rods until we first have the part of your old rod.


Can I do an in store exchange with the shop I purchased it from?

Store exchanges are up to dealer and shop discretion. They would have to follow the same procedures and will include the same costs. Please talk with your store and have them contact us directly if they will be processing your warranty in house.


I have a rod I purchased that has not been registered. Am I still covered under warranty?

Powell Products Inc. no longer requires rods to be registered.


I have an old Max, Endurance, Fly Rod etc. What rod will I get in return?

Please refer to our Rod Replacement Sheet


Do I have to replace my old rod with the comparable new rod?

Yes, unless we are out of that model.


The guide on my rod popped off; do I need to replace the whole rod?

Please email us at info@powellco.com, the rod model and the guide that was lost or damaged. If we have one in stock we will mail it out to you so you can replace the part. If we do not have it in stock, we will send you the specs and you can take the information to a local rod repairer. If it is damaged beyond repair, you would need to follow the above warranty procedure.


I have a Fly rod and one of the sections broke. Can you send me a replacement part?

Unfortunately we do not carry extra parts or sections, for current or discontinued fly rods. We can replace the whole rod under our standard warranty.  




Anyone found abusing the warranty system may be subject to discontinued warranty services. Powell Products Inc. reserves the right to refuse service.