Powell Features

Powell has been committed to offering the finest equipment and customer service to fishermen across the world for over 100 years. Today, we continue this tradition of excellence by utilizing the most advanced materials and manufacturing techniques available. We produce fishing rods with top-quality hardware and superior performance characteristics that are among the lightest and most durable in the industry. Making and standing behind an excellent product it is what we are all about. Whether your angling pursuits involve spinning, casting, or fly rods, we look forward to having you become a member of the Powell Rods family so that you can experience the best fishing rod performance value on the planet!


MaxumFiber Technology

When you're holding MaxumFiber, you know it. Light, durable, sensitive, and strong. Accept no substitutes. What is Maxumfiber? Today at Powell, we have introduced a new breakthrough material called "Maxumfiber." This new material allows our rod design team to utilize less material in the overall rod design, which decreases rod weight, increases sensitivity, durability, and allows for a smoother transition in overall rod performance and feel in your hand. You will marvel at the sensitivity while working a jig over a rocky bottom, as you feel every pebble and stone. You will experience sensation of feeling the vibration of a crankbait all the way to your elbows as it ticks through the smallest blades of grass. The combination of this material and our design tapers keeps you more connected to what's happening with your lures. Our longitudinal fibers stay intact better because they are married together by a super light weight resin then intertwined with a special, super light weight webbing that is truly space aged. The combination of these processes increase the hoop strength of the rod, and has unbelievable dampening characteristics so you have a fishing tool that you can rely on. Additionally, the material stays intact under extreme loads while fighting fish, on hard hook sets, and is less apt to "go oval" as we say, which causes rod failure. Further, our design reduces the elongation of rod fibers so they won't pull apart easily. When you have been making fishing rods for over 100 years one thing is for certain: you didn't get there by chance. You did it by a rigorous research and development program, an understanding of how to develop cutting edge materials and how they interact with motion and heavy loads. Mix in the expertise and the materials with real world trial and error process; and the result is a Powell Rod. Try one today, and see why Powell Rods have been in business for over 100 years.


Fuji Alconite Guides

By lightening the rod tip and using the correct number of guides for each rod application, Fuji has created a system of light-weight, durable, sensitive guides. Jet black and ready for action, ALCONITE® is a breakthrough blend developed by FUJI that approaches the incredible strength and hardness of SiC. In fact, Alconite's characteristics allowed the design and construction of Fuji’s smallest diameter ring to date. Even at weights up to 35% lighter, ALCONITE® is 50% stronger than competitive "mid-priced" products.


Powell Lifetime Limited Warranty.