Spinning Rods

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  • Max 701 LEF
    Finesse fishing. Whether you love or absolutely despise it, there’s no denying that busting out the light stuff can sometimes be the best way to get bit. Regardless of your stance on this style of fishing, our 711 LEF just plain amplifies the experience. This rod is not just light and responsive, but it sets up quickly for strong hook sets in deep water. Drop shotting at Lake Shasta anytime soon? Here’s the rod. ..
  • Max 702 MLEF
    Our 712 MLEF is a wonderful extra-fast action spinning rod that is very versatile in its finesse capabilities. Whether fishing drop shots, shaky heads, or any number of other baits and techniques, this stick gets it done with a touch more power than our 711 LEF. If you aren’t quite sure what the day will bring, this rod is an excellent choice. ..
  • Max 703 MEF
    Our 3-power offering is designed for anglers needing even more grunt out of a spinning rod. While not the heaviest in our lineup, this rod is right at home in open water or even up shallow around modest cover and structure. A phenomenal blend of finesse and power, you’ll find it capable of handling things like small tubes and jigs, along with various small to medium plastics. ..
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