Casting Worm/Jig Rods

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  • Max 683 CEF
    If you’re looking for a shorter rod that’s not too short, look no further. We designed this model to be supremely accurate when working around shoreline cover and structure, but it has enough length to cast and fish worms or jigs at a modest distance. Even if you typically prefer longer rods, consider trying one of these out—you’ll be pleasantly surprised. ..
  • Max 703 CEF
    You simply can’t go wrong with this one. This extra-fast rod is ready to handle a multitude of tasks from jigs to soft stickbaits, and the 7’0” length means you can fish them all effectively at any distance. Whether you’re a tournament angler with 30 combos or a weekend warrior walking the bank, the 703 CEF is simply a must-have. Extreme versatility, achieved! ..
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  • Max 734 CF
    There has definitely been a continuing shift towards longer rods in recent years. Think about the benefits: longer casts, better line control, and more confident long-distance hook sets. What’s not to love? Measuring 7’3” and coupled with a fast action, this rod is perhaps the ideal length for performing those distant presentations while not feeling too clumsy for accurate target casting. When it comes to general worm and jig duties, this thing is scary good. ..
  • Max 705 CEF
    Heading to Clear Lake, Falcon Lake, or somewhere similar and need to fill a void in your rod locker? Pay close attention. This stout 7-footer will handle medium to heavy-duty applications and pull big bass away from cover with authority. Jigs to frogs, it gets the job done. It’s a serious rod for serious bassin. ..
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