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  • Arc Fly Combo 905-4
    Venturing into fly fishing doesn’t have to mean venturing into debt. Our new ARC combo takes the guesswork out of shopping for that very first setup. We’ve put together a balanced outfit that includes a four piece 9-foot 5-weight rod, click-pawl reel, backing, WF5F line, leader, and an attractive case. From trout to carp, we know you’ll love the performance and value built into every ARC combo! COMING IN JANUARY 2017! ..
  • Fly 663-3 SweetP Fiberglass
    Short and sweet is a great way to describe this stick. Awesome for small waters and delicate situations, this 3-weight rod also excels for casting around tight, brushy areas. Try it with either a WF or DT line for the ultimate light-line experience. COMING IN JANUARY 2017! ..
  • Fly 704-3 SweetP Fiberglass
    This 7-foot 4-weight is a solid choice when you need just a hint more muscle out of a small-stream rod. The smooth, soft action of the 704-3 protects fine tippets but offers up a satisfying dose of power as well. From Montana spring creeks to Midwest farm ponds, this rod is a hoot! COMING IN JANUARY 2017! ..