Spinning Rods

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  • Endurance 721 LEF
    Can’t stop chasing big bass with light line and small baits? Feed your addiction with the 721 LEF. Perfect for everything from 4-inch worms to tiny jigs, this light-powered stick is anything but soft. While other finesse spinning rods often feel like mush on the hookset, the 721’s extra-fast action lays the smack down—every time! ..
  • Endurance 732 MLEF
    This rod cranks the power up just a notch for those angler that toss diminutive baits in both open water and around light cover/structure. Whether drop-shotting around the outside of a dock or dragging a tube offshore, the 732 MLEF is an extremely versatile choice in this lineup. ..
  • Endurance 723 CB Glass MMF
    This rod can be summed up with one word—unique. Offering a forgiving mod-fast action, we’ve designed this baby as the perfect reaction bait spinning rod. If you like to throw smaller squarebills, topwaters, and jerkbaits, this glass/composite stick provides a very interesting option. ..
  • Endurance 753 MEF
    Featuring a long 7’5” length, this model is ideal for long-distance presentations and for those that simply like more line control. Great for small to medium jigs and plastics, the 3-power rating also offers up some additional muscle that you’ll appreciate come tournament day. ..
  • Endurance 744 MHEF
    The stoutest spinning rod offered in our Endurance lineup, this stick is made for heavier-duty applications. We designed it with a 4-power rating so it can play where most spinning rods don’t, while the added length moves a lot of line for instant long-distance hooksets. Jigs, tubes, bigger worms, creature baits—that’s 744 MHEF territory. ..