Mag Bass Rods

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  • Endurance 764 CF
    We’ve created the 764 CF for anglers that desire a long rod that’s supremely versatile. Sporting a 7’6” length and fast action, this is one special stick that has a little more “tip” which makes it great for more than just bottom-contact work. Think jigs, plastics, big spinnerbaits, and much, much more! ..
  • Endurance 735 CEF
    Although this is a “shorter” rod by our Magnum Rod standards, it’s an ideal length for blending both accuracy and distance. Equipped with a strong 5-power rating, this is a tool you can confidently take into the thick stuff and not feel undergunned. ..
  • Endurance 765 CF Utility
    Whether you’re slow-rolling a deep ledge with a hefty spinnerbait, throwing a big topwater around isolated treetops, or fan-casting a glidebait, we designed this one for you. Aptly dubbed our “utility” rod, this is a supreme choice for a wide variety of moving-bait techniques with heftier offerings—but don’t let this fool you. It can easily pull double duty with big jigs and worms, too! ..
  • Endurance 795 CF
    If flipping a big bass is what you dream about, help make those dreams come true with the 795 CF. Sporting a size that can fit in many rod boxes, we designed it with the length and power necessary to overcome gnarly cover and big bass. ..