Casting Worm/Jig Rods

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  • Endurance 683C MHEF
    The slightly shorter-than-average length of this rod makes it ideal for probing tight spots along shorelines with small to medium jigs and plastics. A great pick for pinpoint casting around docks or under limbs, the extra-fast action gives this rod some stout hook-setting power. ..
  • Endurance 733C MHEF
    For an all-around jig and plastics rod, this one is at the top of its game. Featuring an incredibly versatile length and power rating, the 733 is perfect for so many baits we’d need a whole page just to name half of them. It’s hard to go wrong with a few of these in your rod locker! ..
  • Endurance 724C HEF
    Offshore rock piles. Pilings. Grass. These are all places where the 724C thrives. Perfect for medium and some larger baits, this rod is capable of fishing all over the lake and will tame a trophy bass with ease. ..
  • Endurance 734C HF
    Similar to the 724C, this rod adds an extra inch and dials back the taper just a touch. Sporting a fast action, you’ve just stumbled upon an awesome weapon for both bottom-contact and reaction techniques. Whether it be walking a frog through sparse grass, hopping a jig along riprap, or slow-rolling a big spinnerbait, this blank was designed with a multitude of techniques in mind. ..