Casting Crankbaits Rods

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  • Endurance 6104 CB Glass
    This is a fantastic choice for handling everything from smaller poppers to medium squarebills. Checking in at 6’10”, you’ll find this rod to be an ideal length for both casting around tight structure and long-bombing traps along afternoon mud lines. ..
  • Endurance 724 CB Glass MMF
    Adding four inches to the 6104 CB, this model is similar in versatility but gives the angler even greater distance and line control capabilities. Even if using small treble hooks, you’ll find our forgiving glass/composite blanks to offer an ideal amount of softness without being completely sloppy. Fish on! ..
  • Endurance 705 CB Glass MHMF
    For crankin’ up bigger baits and bigger bass, this 5-power workhorse gets it done. Although it’s capable of handling baits up to a full ounce, the 705 CB has a softer side as well. You’ll love how there’s just enough “give” in this blank to fish the bigger stuff, yet it still possesses plenty of reserve power to corral a hefty largemouth. ..
  • Endurance 725 CB Graphite
    Looking for a medium-heavy cranking rod but aren’t really into our glass/composite models? Our 725 CB delivers all-graphite construction but still offers a smooth moderate-fast action to keep small trebles pinned. For increased feel coupled with a nice level of forgiveness, put a few 725 CB’s on deck! ..
  • Endurance 755 CB Glass MHMF
    When distance is key and the baits weigh up to an ounce, the 755 CB is an ideal rod to reach for. Outstanding for longggg casts with deep-diving cranks, this rod will chuck a lipless a shocking distance. ..
  • Endurance 7116 CB Glass HMF
    For the longest casts with the largest crankbaits, our 7116 CB is an absolute beast. This rod can achieve eye-popping distance with the deepest divers, yet the flex and design ensures maximum fishability with minimal fatigue. Since it comes in at just under 8’0” in length, this powerful cranking stick can still fit inside many rod boxes—but once you fish this rod, it probably won’t be spending much time in there. ..