Since the introduction of their first conventional bass rod lineup over ten years ago, Powell has experienced consistent and rapid growth within the segment. From that original MAX series up to present, many anglers have discovered that their new favorite rod carries a Powell logo. Out of all the bass rods offered over the years, the Endurance lineup was one series that saw tremendous success. Although many anglers were saddened by the departure of those beautiful purple rods, the word is now out—they’re returning! Back and better than ever, these rods deliver newly-revised cosmetics with the performance to back it up. Powell CEO and Master Rod Designer Keith Bryan wanted to stick with the purple color familiar to Endurance fans, but incorporate a bit of a twist this time. For a uniquely-different look, new Endurance rods now feature pearl purple paint around the logo area that shifts coloration depending on the available light. In addition, all models sport matte-black proprietary Maxumfiber blanks, premium cork grips with inset Powell butt caps, proprietary tight-locking full reel seats, and Fuji Alconite guides.

Ranging from 6’10” up to 8’0” in length, there’s 22 graphite and composite models for everything from drop-shotting to swimbaits and flipping. In the mix is also a specialized 7’2” composite spinning rod that will be perfect for lighter-duty reaction bait fishing. Every Endurance rod is precisely tuned to offer maximum fishability with specifically-designated baits and techniques.

Endurance 721 LEF 7’2” Light 1 4-10 lb. 1/8-1/4 oz. Ex-Fast 3.3 oz.
Endurance 732 MLEF 7’3” Medium Light 2 6-12 lbs. 1/8-3/8 oz. Ex-Fast 3.3 oz.
Endurance 723 CB Glass MMF 7'2" Medium 3 8-17 lbs. 1/8-1/2 oz. Mod-Fast 3.4 oz.
Endurance 753 MEF 7'5" Medium 3 6-12 lb. 1/8-1/2 oz. Ex-Fast 3.5 oz.
Endurance 744 MHEF 7'4" Medium 4 8-15 lb. 1/4-3/4 oz. Ex-Fast 3.6 oz.
Endurance 6104 CB Glass 6'10" Medium 4 8-17 lb. 1/8-3/4 oz. Mod-Fast 3.2 oz.
Endurance 724 CB Glass MMF 7'2" Medium 4 8-17 lb. 1/8-1/2 oz. Mod-Fast 3.2 oz.
Endurance 705 CB Glass MHMF 7' Medium-Heavy 5 10-20 lb. 1/4-1 oz. Mod-Fast 3.2 oz.
Endurance 725 CB Graphite 7'2" Medium-Heavy 5 10-20 lb. 1/4-1 oz. Mod-Fast 3.3 oz.
Endurance 755 CB Glass MHMF 7'5" Medium-Heavy 5 10-20 lb. 1/4-1 oz. Mod-Fast 3.3 oz.
Endurance 7116 CB Glass HMF 7'11" Heavy 6 12-20 lb. 1/2-3 oz. Mod-Fast 3.7 oz.
Endurance 683C MHEF 6'8" Medium-Heavy 3 10-17 lb. 1/4-3/4 oz. Ex-Fast 3.3 oz.
Endurance 733C MHEF 7'3" Medium-Heavy 3 10-17 lb. 1/4-3/4 oz. Ex-Fast 3.3 oz.
Endurance 724C HEF 7'2" Heavy 4 12-20 lbs. 1/4-1 oz. Ex-Fast 3.5 oz.
Endurance 734C HF 7'3" Heavy 4 10-20 lb. 1/4-1 oz. Fast 3.7 oz.
Endurance 764 CF 7'6" Mag-Medium 4 10-20 lbs. 3/16-1 oz. Fast 3.5 oz.
Endurance 735 CEF 7'3" Mag-Medium Heavy 5 12-25 lbs. 1/4-2 oz. Ex-Fast 3.6 oz.
Endurance 765 CF Utility 7'6" Mag-Medium Heavy 5 15-20 lb. 3/8-3 oz. Fast 3.7 oz.
Endurance 775 CEF 7'7" Mag-Medium Heavy 5 12-25 lb. 1/4-2 oz. Fast 3.7 oz.
Endurance 795 CF 7'9" Mag-Medium Heavy 5 15-25 lb. 1/2-3 oz. Fast 3.8 oz.
Endurance 806 CF 8'0" Mag-Heavy 6 17-25 lb. 3/4-2 oz. Fast 3.9 oz.


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  • Endurance 721 LEF
    Can’t stop chasing big bass with light line and small baits? Feed your addiction with the 721 LEF. Perfect for everything from 4-inch worms to tiny jigs, this light-powered stick is anything but soft. While other finesse spinning rods often feel like mush on the hookset, the 721’s extra-fast action lays the smack down—every time! ..
  • Endurance 732 MLEF
    This rod cranks the power up just a notch for those angler that toss diminutive baits in both open water and around light cover/structure. Whether drop-shotting around the outside of a dock or dragging a tube offshore, the 732 MLEF is an extremely versatile choice in this lineup. ..
  • Endurance 723 CB Glass MMF
    This rod can be summed up with one word—unique. Offering a forgiving mod-fast action, we’ve designed this baby as the perfect reaction bait spinning rod. If you like to throw smaller squarebills, topwaters, and jerkbaits, this glass/composite stick provides a very interesting option. ..
  • Endurance 753 MEF
    Featuring a long 7’5” length, this model is ideal for long-distance presentations and for those that simply like more line control. Great for small to medium jigs and plastics, the 3-power rating also offers up some additional muscle that you’ll appreciate come tournament day. ..
  • Endurance 744 MHEF
    The stoutest spinning rod offered in our Endurance lineup, this stick is made for heavier-duty applications. We designed it with a 4-power rating so it can play where most spinning rods don’t, while the added length moves a lot of line for instant long-distance hooksets. Jigs, tubes, bigger worms, creature baits—that’s 744 MHEF territory. ..
  • Endurance 6104 CB Glass
    This is a fantastic choice for handling everything from smaller poppers to medium squarebills. Checking in at 6’10”, you’ll find this rod to be an ideal length for both casting around tight structure and long-bombing traps along afternoon mud lines. ..
  • Endurance 724 CB Glass MMF
    Adding four inches to the 6104 CB, this model is similar in versatility but gives the angler even greater distance and line control capabilities. Even if using small treble hooks, you’ll find our forgiving glass/composite blanks to offer an ideal amount of softness without being completely sloppy. Fish on! ..
  • Endurance 705 CB Glass MHMF
    For crankin’ up bigger baits and bigger bass, this 5-power workhorse gets it done. Although it’s capable of handling baits up to a full ounce, the 705 CB has a softer side as well. You’ll love how there’s just enough “give” in this blank to fish the bigger stuff, yet it still possesses plenty of reserve power to corral a hefty largemouth. ..
  • Endurance 725 CB Graphite
    Looking for a medium-heavy cranking rod but aren’t really into our glass/composite models? Our 725 CB delivers all-graphite construction but still offers a smooth moderate-fast action to keep small trebles pinned. For increased feel coupled with a nice level of forgiveness, put a few 725 CB’s on deck! ..
  • Endurance 755 CB Glass MHMF
    When distance is key and the baits weigh up to an ounce, the 755 CB is an ideal rod to reach for. Outstanding for longggg casts with deep-diving cranks, this rod will chuck a lipless a shocking distance. ..
  • Endurance 7116 CB Glass HMF
    For the longest casts with the largest crankbaits, our 7116 CB is an absolute beast. This rod can achieve eye-popping distance with the deepest divers, yet the flex and design ensures maximum fishability with minimal fatigue. Since it comes in at just under 8’0” in length, this powerful cranking stick can still fit inside many rod boxes—but once you fish this rod, it probably won’t be spending much time in there. ..
  • Endurance 683C MHEF
    The slightly shorter-than-average length of this rod makes it ideal for probing tight spots along shorelines with small to medium jigs and plastics. A great pick for pinpoint casting around docks or under limbs, the extra-fast action gives this rod some stout hook-setting power. ..