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  • Max 3D 764 CF Mag Medium
    Now here’s a long rod that gives the angler some serious versatility when it comes to medium-duty applications. Our 764 CF offers the right action and power whether you’re fishing docks or offshore rock piles. Jigs, plastics, and hefty spinnerbaits are just a few of the baits within its capabilities. ..
  • Max 3D 765 CF SBR Mag Medium Heavy
    The 7-foot 6-inch length has been the standard size for flipping sticks throughout the years, so it’s only natural that we offer one this size too! The fast action of the 765 CF means that this rod doesn’t behave like a total broomstick, which also makes it ideal for other things like smaller swimbaits or fishing the heaviest spinnerbaits in deep water. ..
  • Max 3D 795 CF Mag Medium Heavy
    If you want to flip and punch but keep your rod under the 8-foot mark, you’d be wise to pay attention. The 7-foot 9-inch length offers superior line control, while the 5-power rating enables you to tame an unruly lunker buried deep in the bulrushes. Don’t just fish heavy cover, OWN it! ..
  • Max 3D 775 CEF Mag Medium Heavy
    This is a smart choice for both flipping shallow cover and fishing big jigs and plastics out in the depths. The long length means it’s easy to reach those far weed pockets, while in open water you’ll appreciate its ability to fish at extreme distances. If you hate finesse fishing, you’ll love the 775 CEF. ..
  • Max 3D 736 CEF Frog Mag Heavy
    Honestly, finding the proper frog rod can be an exercise in frustration. It’s extremely important to find a rod with a soft tip that transitions quickly into raw backbone. This allows the angler to easily cast and walk a frog, but still affords gobs of power for easy hookups. Whether you’re tossing your toad into open water or onto floating mats, reach for a 736 CEF frog rod. ..
  • Max 3D 806 CF Punch/Flip Mag Heavy
    Wimpy. Weak. Two words NOT used to describe our 806 CF. This stick has all the strength of a champion powerlifter, but you won’t need 22-inch arms to fish it. An extremely user-friendly rod, you’ll be able to haul the biggest bass out of the nastiest cover with ease. This is your rod, Florida anglers! ..