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  • Max 3D 711 LEF
    For anglers that fish the smallest baits on the lightest line, this is your stick. Our 711 LEF boasts the perfect blend of both finesse and power. The forgiving tip allows you to properly fish a shaky head or drop shot, while the generous backbone makes it a cinch to set the hook on a whopper spotted bass. ..
  • Max 3D 712 MLEF
    Here’s an awesome all-around spinning rod for all types of light to medium applications. This is the one to bring if you aren’t quite sure what mood the fish will be in. From shaky heads to tubes, the 712 MLEF will get the job done right. ..
  • Max 3D 713 MEF
    Not all rods are created equal, and the 713 MEF has no rivals. If you require a gutsy spinning rod that has the ability to fish bulkier plastics in open water or around brush, then do yourself a favor and have at least one of these on deck. Perfect for fishing tubes, heftier drop-shot rigs, or small creature baits, once you set the hook the bass will know who’s boss. ..
  • Max 3D 714 MHEF
    Spinning rods are much more than strictly finesse tools, and this stick proves it. Pick up a 714 MHEF for fishing baits like football jigs, tubes, and carolina rigs. The extra-fast taper means that you’ll be able to set the hook with unapologetic authority! ..
  • Max 3D 683 CEF Medium Heavy
    For picking apart shoreline cover and structure, this is about as good as it gets. Although the recent trend has been towards rods measuring 7 feet and over, you can’t ignore the precision a shorter rod offers. Not only is it impressive in the shallow stuff, the 683 CEF also performs flawlessly with plastics and lighter jigs out a bit deeper. ..
  • Max 3D 723 CEF Medium Heavy
    If you were forced to bring just one rod with you, this would be a top contender. With a length of 7-feet 2-inches and a 3-power rating, this stick covers a dizzying array of medium-duty techniques. It excels with jigs, worms, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, small paddletails, etc. ..
  • Max 3D 734 CF Heavy
    Our original MAX 734 CF was easily one of our hottest offerings. This stellar stick blends the perfect length, power, and action for a multitude of techniques. A great bottom-contact rod, the forgiving tip also means it’s equally capable with baits like hollow-body swimbaits, buzzbaits, and spinnerbaits. ..
  • Max 3D 6104 CB G/C Mod-Fast Medium
    Probing shorelines with reaction baits just got a whole lot easier with this baby. For fishing jerkbaits, shallow crankbaits, and topwaters at short to medium distances, it doesn’t get much better than this. It’s the perfect blend of power and forgiveness to amplify your reaction bait fishing! ..
  • Max 3D 705 CB G/C Mod-Fast Medium Heavy
    The 7-foot length and 5-power rating of the 705 CB makes this the perfect weapon for deep cranking or ripping a lip-less crank through weeds. It contains plenty of muscle, but still displays that lovely butter-smooth forgiveness that is a requirement when fishing baits with treble hooks. ..
  • Max 3D 755 CB G/C Mod-Fast Medium Heavy
    So, you need even more length? This 7-foot 5-inch rod offers the necessary power to effectively fish deep cranks or cover huge weed flats. Uncommonly light for a composite rod, you’ll be astounded by its performance. ..
  • Max 3D 7115 CB G/C Mod-Fast Medium Heavy
    Do you love to throw DD22s and other large crankbaits? Our 7115 CB is THE tool for the job. No other crankbait rod on the market offers the enticing combination of length, performance, precision, and price of this monster. When you need to crank the deepest water, you need to reach for the best rod. ..
  • Max 3D 764 CF Mag Medium
    Now here’s a long rod that gives the angler some serious versatility when it comes to medium-duty applications. Our 764 CF offers the right action and power whether you’re fishing docks or offshore rock piles. Jigs, plastics, and hefty spinnerbaits are just a few of the baits within its capabilities. ..