TiMax 723 MHCEF

Powell Rod Class: TiMax Series
Model: TiMax 723 MHCEF
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Versatile.  Lightweight.  Extremely sensitive. This is an outstanding choice if you are looking for a top tier fishing rod that can cover a huge variety of light to medium duty applications.  From plastics, to jigs, to spinnerbaits, putting a few of these sticks in your boat will cover almost all of the bases on most bodies of water. The extra 2 inches of length over a standard 7 footer is a big help when you want to reach out just a bit further, or keep excess line off the water.  As with all TiMax rods, the superb balance and light weight means fatigue at the end of the day will be a non issue.
Rod Specs
Rod Type Casting
Powell Rod Class TiMax Series
Model TiMax 723 MHCEF
Handle Length 13.86"