TiMax Series

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  • TiMax 6101 LEF
    The ultimate finesse spinning rod.  With its 6’10” length, it’s great for a multitude of light applications such as fishing drop shots, shaky heads, or small tubes.  If you commonly fish extremely deep water, the sensitivity of the 6101LEF will blow you away with it’s ability to transmit the lightest bites.  When it’s time to drive the hook home, the extra fast action and surprising backbone provides for confident hook setting power and fish fighting ability.  ..
  • TiMax 703 MEF
    When a bit more length and power is needed in your spinning rod, the 703 MEF delivers.  With a 7 foot length and 3 power rating, it’s a versatile performer for light to medium duty techniques.  Larger drop shots, shaky heads, tubes, small jigs, and soft jerkbaits are just a few applications where this rod excels.  The longer length allows for better hook sets, line control, and distance casting, but the rod still remains easy to maneuver in close quarters.  From Lake Champl..
  • TiMax 723 MHCEF
    Versatile.  Lightweight.  Extremely sensitive. This is an outstanding choice if you are looking for a top tier fishing rod that can cover a huge variety of light to medium duty applications.  From plastics, to jigs, to spinnerbaits, putting a few of these sticks in your boat will cover almost all of the bases on most bodies of water. The extra 2 inches of length over a standard 7 footer is a big help when you want to reach out just a bit further, or keep excess line off the wate..
  • TiMax 734 HCF
    Featuring a 4 power rating, the 734 HCF delivers when it comes time to utilize heavier applications.  The fast action provides just a hint more “tip” which makes this a killer spinnerbait rod, but it’s also stout enough for Carolina rigs, Texas rigs, open water frogging, jigs, and small swimbaits.  The Maxumfiber X Tape reinforcement provides an unequaled strength to weight ratio, uncommon in heavier duty rods from those “other guys”.  When the clock is ticking and it’s time to ..
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  • TiMax 753 MHCEF
    With similar versatility to our 723 MHCEF, this model adds a longer handle for additional distance casting prowess and leverage.  Featuring an overall length of 7’5”, this is undoubtedly one of the finest bottom contact rods you can buy.  When your jig gets thunked on a deep rock ledge at the end of a long cast, you’ll know it, and the extra fast action will deliver the necessary hook setting muscle.  Featured on all TiMax rods, the Fuji K-guides provide added confidence for tho..