Max 3D 806 CF Punch/Flip Mag Heavy

Powell Rod Class: Max 3D Series
Model: Max 3D 806 CF Punch/Flip Mag Heavy
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Wimpy. Weak. Two words NOT used to describe our 806 CF. This stick has all the strength of a champion powerlifter, but you won’t need 22-inch arms to fish it. An extremely user-friendly rod, you’ll be able to haul the biggest bass out of the nastiest cover with ease. This is your rod, Florida anglers!

Rod Specs
Rod Type Magnum Bass
Powell Rod Class Max 3D Series
Model 806 CF Punch/Flip Mag Heavy
Length 8'0"
Power Mag Heavy
Power Rating 6
Line Weight 17-25 lbs. & 50-80 lbs. Braid
Lure Weight 3/4-2 oz.
Action Fast
Handle Type 3
Handle Length 11 5/16