Max 3D 795 CF Mag Medium Heavy

Powell Rod Class: Max 3D Series
Model: Max 3D 795 CF Mag Medium Heavy
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If you want to flip and punch but keep your rod under the 8-foot mark, you’d be wise to pay attention. The 7-foot 9-inch length offers superior line control, while the 5-power rating enables you to tame an unruly lunker buried deep in the bulrushes. Don’t just fish heavy cover, OWN it!

Rod Specs
Rod Type Magnum Bass
Powell Rod Class Max 3D Series
Model 795 CF Mag Medium Heavy
Length 7'9"
Power Mag Med-Heavy
Power Rating 5
Line Weight 15-25 lbs. & 30-80 lbs. Braid
Lure Weight 1/2-3 oz.
Action Fast
Handle Type 3
Handle Length 11 1/8