Max 3D 775 CEF Mag Medium Heavy

Powell Rod Class: Max 3D Series
Model: Max 3D 775 CEF Mag Medium Heavy
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This is a smart choice for both flipping shallow cover and fishing big jigs and plastics out in the depths. The long length means it’s easy to reach those far weed pockets, while in open water you’ll appreciate its ability to fish at extreme distances. If you hate finesse fishing, you’ll love the 775 CEF.

Rod Specs
Rod Type Magnum Bass
Powell Rod Class Max 3D Series
Model 775 CEF Mag Medium Heavy
Length 7'7"
Power Mag Med-Heavy
Power Rating 5
Line Weight 12-25 lbs.
Lure Weight 1/4-2 oz.
Action Ex-Fast
Handle Type 3
Handle Length 11