Max 3D 736 CEF Frog Mag Heavy

Powell Rod Class: Max 3D Series
Model: Max 3D 736 CEF Frog Mag Heavy
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Honestly, finding the proper frog rod can be an exercise in frustration. It’s extremely important to find a rod with a soft tip that transitions quickly into raw backbone. This allows the angler to easily cast and walk a frog, but still affords gobs of power for easy hookups. Whether you’re tossing your toad into open water or onto floating mats, reach for a 736 CEF frog rod.

Rod Specs
Rod Type Magnum Bass
Powell Rod Class Max 3D Series
Model 736 CEF Frog Mag Heavy
Length 7'3"
Power Mag Heavy
Power Rating 6
Line Weight 15-25 lbs. & 30-80 lbs. Braid
Lure Weight 3/8-2 oz.
Action Ex-Fast
Handle Type 3
Handle Length 11 1/16