Inferno 765 CEF

Powell Rod Class: Inferno Series
Model: Inferno 765 CEF
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Delta rats, are you paying attention? Toho regulars, are you reading this? The Inferno 765 CEF is one hot stick, geared towards heavy duty applications where thicker cover is the norm. This rod is ready and willing to be fished around heavy cover, and will easily pull out a hefty bucketmouth. Not just a heavy cover tool, don’t overlook this bad boy for fishing offshore with beastly spinnerbaits, and the biggest jigs and worms on the market. The long 7’6” length coupled with the extra fast action means hook sets from extreme distances are accomplished without drama.
Rod Specs
Rod Type Casting
Powell Rod Class Inferno Series
Model Inferno 765 CEF
Handle Length 16.14"