Inferno 6101 LEF

Powell Rod Class: Inferno Series
Model: Inferno 6101 LEF
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Drop shots. Shaky heads. Darter heads. Core finesse fishing techniques such as these demand a hardcore spinning rod. With the 6101 LEF we have struck the perfect balance of power and finesse to give you an unmatched finesse tool for the money. With a length of 6’10” and sporting an extra fast action, this 4-10lb spinning rod is absolutely perfect for light line applications from the bank out to deep offshore structure. The forgiving tip quickly shuts off and gives way to surprising backbone, which enables the angler to fish plastics properly, and set the hook efficiently.
Rod Specs
Rod Type Spinning
Technique / Application Drop Shot, Split Shot, Dart Head, Light Shaky
Powell Rod Class Inferno Series
Model Inferno 6101 LEF
Length 6'10"
Power Light
Power Rating 1
Line Weight 4-10 lbs.
Lure Weight 1/8-1/4 oz.
Action Ex-Fast
Handle Type 1
Handle Length 9 1/8