Endurance 721 LEF 7’2” Light 1 4-10 lb. 1/8-1/4 oz. Ex-Fast 3.3 oz.
Endurance 732 MLEF 7’3” Medium Light 2 6-12 lbs. 1/8-3/8 oz. Ex-Fast 3.3 oz.
Endurance 723 CB Glass MMF 7'2" Medium 3 8-17 lbs. 1/8-1/2 oz. Mod-Fast 3.4 oz.
Endurance 753 MEF 7'5" Medium 3 6-12 lb. 1/8-1/2 oz. Ex-Fast 3.5 oz.
Endurance 744 MHEF 7'4" Medium 4 8-15 lb. 1/4-3/4 oz. Ex-Fast 3.6 oz.
Endurance 6104 CB Glass 6'10" Medium 4 8-17 lb. 1/8-3/4 oz. Mod-Fast 3.2 oz.
Endurance 724 CB Glass MMF 7'2" Medium 4 8-17 lb. 1/8-1/2 oz. Mod-Fast 3.2 oz.
Endurance 705 CB Glass MHMF 7' Medium-Heavy 5 10-20 lb. 1/4-1 oz. Mod-Fast 3.2 oz.
Endurance 725 CB Graphite 7'2" Medium-Heavy 5 10-20 lb. 1/4-1 oz. Mod-Fast 3.3 oz.
Endurance 755 CB Glass MHMF 7'5" Medium-Heavy 5 10-20 lb. 1/4-1 oz. Mod-Fast 3.3 oz.
Endurance 7116 CB Glass HMF 7'11" Heavy 6 12-20 lb. 1/2-3 oz. Mod-Fast 3.7 oz.
Endurance 683C MHEF 6'8" Medium-Heavy 3 10-17 lb. 1/4-3/4 oz. Ex-Fast 3.3 oz.
Endurance 733C MHEF 7'3" Medium-Heavy 3 10-17 lb. 1/4-3/4 oz. Ex-Fast 3.3 oz.
Endurance 724C HEF 7'2" Heavy 4 12-20 lbs. 1/4-1 oz. Ex-Fast 3.5 oz.
Endurance 734C HF 7'3" Heavy 4 10-20 lb. 1/4-1 oz. Fast 3.7 oz.
Endurance 764 CF 7'6" Mag-Medium 4 10-20 lbs. 3/16-1 oz. Fast 3.5 oz.
Endurance 735 CEF 7'3" Mag-Medium Heavy 5 12-25 lbs. 1/4-2 oz. Ex-Fast 3.6 oz.
Endurance 765 CF Utility 7'6" Mag-Medium Heavy 5 15-20 lb. 3/8-3 oz. Fast 3.7 oz.
Endurance 775 CEF 7'7" Mag-Medium Heavy 5 12-25 lb. 1/4-2 oz. Fast 3.7 oz.
Endurance 795 CF 7'9" Mag-Medium Heavy 5 15-25 lb. 1/2-3 oz. Fast 3.8 oz.
Endurance 806 CF 8'0" Mag-Heavy 6 17-25 lb. 3/4-2 oz. Fast 3.9 oz.


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  • Endurance 724C HEF
    Offshore rock piles. Pilings. Grass. These are all places where the 724C thrives. Perfect for medium and some larger baits, this rod is capable of fishing all over the lake and will tame a trophy bass with ease. ..
  • Endurance 734C HF
    Similar to the 724C, this rod adds an extra inch and dials back the taper just a touch. Sporting a fast action, you’ve just stumbled upon an awesome weapon for both bottom-contact and reaction techniques. Whether it be walking a frog through sparse grass, hopping a jig along riprap, or slow-rolling a big spinnerbait, this blank was designed with a multitude of techniques in mind. ..
  • Endurance 764 CF
    We’ve created the 764 CF for anglers that desire a long rod that’s supremely versatile. Sporting a 7’6” length and fast action, this is one special stick that has a little more “tip” which makes it great for more than just bottom-contact work. Think jigs, plastics, big spinnerbaits, and much, much more! ..
  • Endurance 735 CEF
    Although this is a “shorter” rod by our Magnum Rod standards, it’s an ideal length for blending both accuracy and distance. Equipped with a strong 5-power rating, this is a tool you can confidently take into the thick stuff and not feel undergunned. ..
  • Endurance 765 CF Utility
    Whether you’re slow-rolling a deep ledge with a hefty spinnerbait, throwing a big topwater around isolated treetops, or fan-casting a glidebait, we designed this one for you. Aptly dubbed our “utility” rod, this is a supreme choice for a wide variety of moving-bait techniques with heftier offerings—but don’t let this fool you. It can easily pull double duty with big jigs and worms, too! ..
  • Endurance 775 CEF
    If you need a stout rod but want to avoid the “broomstick” category, you’ve come to the right place. Designed with an extra-fast tip, this long rod is a pleasure to operate from the midst of heavy cover to heavy offshore work. When you hookup with the 775 CEF, you’ll immediately be in control and stay there thanks to the abundance of power on tap. ..
  • Endurance 795 CF
    If flipping a big bass is what you dream about, help make those dreams come true with the 795 CF. Sporting a size that can fit in many rod boxes, we designed it with the length and power necessary to overcome gnarly cover and big bass. ..
  • Endurance 806 CF
    Flipping and punching are not for the faint of heart. They require heavy tackle, strength, and quick reflexes. In this game, if you snooze you just might lose. When confronted with trophy bass and jungle-like cover, you better have an 806 CF in your hands. Able to reach further back into cover than you ever thought possible, the rod’s 6-power rating shows no mercy with a lunker on the line. ..