TiMax 753 MHCEF

Powell Rod Class: TiMax Series
Model: TiMax 753 MHCEF
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With similar versatility to our 723 MHCEF, this model adds a longer handle for additional distance casting prowess and leverage.  Featuring an overall length of 7’5”, this is undoubtedly one of the finest bottom contact rods you can buy.  When your jig gets thunked on a deep rock ledge at the end of a long cast, you’ll know it, and the extra fast action will deliver the necessary hook setting muscle.  Featured on all TiMax rods, the Fuji K-guides provide added confidence for those anglers that prefer fishing braided lines for the ultimate feel.
Rod Specs
Rod Type Casting
Powell Rod Class TiMax Series
Model TiMax 753 MHCEF
Handle Length 15.83"